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Coach Brenda Bentley
“When our hearts and minds are aligned, we are one with Source and abundance flows. You have the power to create anything your heart desires.”
I invite you to take the journey of a life time – one that opens the door and leads you on a path of self-discovery and transformation. As we travel together, I help you plant your feet on the ground as you align with your core values and beliefs, upgrade your path, aim for higher ground and arrive….

Aligned ~ Centered ~ Transformed.

Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching is a co-creative partnership that promotes huge shifts in thinking. When two or more people use their knowledge, inner resources, skills and intuition to focus on a vision, the result is synergy – a powerful, forward-moving energy. That is why life purpose coaching is such a transformational journey– truly magical.

Career Coach

Career Coaching is the pathway to creating satisfaction in your work and designing the life you desire. An individualized action plan is co-created to clarify your values, skills and strengths as you redirect obstacles and resistances so that you achieve your highest potential – victory!

Coaching Veterans

An advocate for veterans, Brenda facilitates workshops assisting the U.S. military and their families to successfully transition from military to civilian lives and careers. Employing her skills and expertise as a Career and Life Purpose Coach, she creates individualized action plans designed to clarify their business and life purpose goals, identify obstacles, and remove barriers as they step out of the military and into the civilian world and shine.

Transpersonal Guide

By discovering your inner resources, you learn to trust, accept and embrace the answers - knowing that safety, success and security reside within. Being proactive instead of reactive, we take the risk and reap the rewards.


Our interactive processes tap into guidance available to you from your powerful subconscious mind, enabling you to connect with your inner gifts and resources. A life of abundance, love, joy, health, happiness, success and fulfillment is yours.


NLP reprograms limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. By tapping into the 5 senses, NLP communicates new behaviors to the subconscious mind promoting positive states of well-being – permitting you to reach your desired goals and outcomes. Partnership
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Brenda's dedication to those she coaches is unrivaled; she truly cares about the individual's goals and provides strategic guidance to propel careers. In my experience with Brenda, she was very organized, drilled into details that I had overlooked within my resume and profile, and truly listened to my needs. Thank you, Brenda!
Ivette F.Arizona
Brenda "Gets It" is the term that was coined for her by several of the students, military veterans, and community partners. She is attentive and resourceful in building career paths for the people she works with. I was impressed with her attitude and approach in helping people navigate towards their career goals. As Brenda would say "if that's your dream then let's figure out how to get you there" She is a giver and will be a strong contributor to any organization.
Jonathan L. U.S. Marines Veteran
Working with Brenda has been an incredibly enriching experience. In her “Discovering Your Heart’s Desire” workshop, I not only discovered much more clarity about what I really wanted to do in retirement, but I also found new spiritual awareness of who I really am.
Susan P.Professor Emeritus, UNM
As my career coach Brenda was invaluable in helping me to tell my professional story. Her expertise in personal branding and up-to-date knowledge in career management trends were immediately apparent. Over multiple coaching sessions, Brenda provided advice spanning the entirety of my job search. Her coaching paid dividends as I was able to successfully transition into an entirely new industry after a few short months. I look forward to working with Brenda again in the future.
John McS. MGM, PMPGlobal Project Manager
Brenda shines in helping active military service members transition to the civilian sector. She is providing a humbling service as many veterans lack the skills to market themselves as well as the skills for a traditional interview/resume creation. Thank you Brenda!
Eduardo E.Senior Application Analyst at Alameda Health System