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How do you reframe your subconscious mind to do things differently?

by BrenBen55
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Brenda Bentley Certified HypnotistHypnosis is a very effective tool to discover your core values and beliefs on most any issue.

Hypnotherapy is one avenue that paves the way for you to do the “inner journey work” to help you transform and create the space for you to write a new story. When we heal our inner world, we begin to see and experience huge changes in our outer world.

Through hypnosis, you can get in touch with the child within that made a decision long ago (that has now become a belief, value and way of thinking) that reflects your self-image. Often, it has to do with self-worth, lack of trust, fear of abandonment, betrayal or other issues that revolve around survival. By speaking to this inner child (the subconscious part of your mind), you can reprogram old patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve you. Nurturing the wounded, inner child is one way to develop inner resources allowing you to feel safe and protected. This transpersonal process allows you to create a brand new story!
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