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“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”

Health and Wellness

Is Health and Wellness Coaching for you? What is mindful living?

Health and Wellness Coaching

provides a holistic and integrative approach to fine tune and bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Having your coach by your side, you will finally succeed in making lasting lifestyle changes by letting go of old habits and adopting new ones that will guide you to better health.

Living in balance, we learn how to love life - awakened, present and fully blossomed.

As your certified health and wellness coach, my mission is to help you design a personalized health and wellness plan that is unique and customized to help you assess and achieve your own health and wellness goals. Prior to working together, I will ask for you to commit to certain agreements that both, hold you accountable as well as support you in your healing journey around food, exercise, stress and whatever specific topics are addressed in your personalized plan. As partners in change, I help you expand your awareness as you become mindful and more consciously aware of what healthy living means to you.

Using the skills and expertise I have developed as an on-line health coach, hypnotherapist, and workshop facilitator, I use both, cognitive and transpersonal tools and resources that gently lead you to a mindful approach to your healthy new lifestyle.

I have successfully helped clients with weight reduction, managing type 2 Diabetes, smoking cessation, stress management, as well as releasing fears, anxiety and trauma. You also will be coached on how to use powerful tools such as exercise, meditation, breathing, visualization and hypnosis to address self-limiting beliefs that lead to poor self-worth and self-defeating behaviors. The outcome and benefits that you can expect from working with me is mindfulness – living in a harmonious body, mind and spirit.

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Skills and Qualifications

I am certified in Motivational Interviewing for health care professionals, NLP, EFT, and Spirituality, Health, and Healing, as well as trained as a Lifestyle Coach through the National Diabetes Prevention Program. I provide Health and Wellness Seminars to corporations as well as offer one on one health coaching to individuals.