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As your Transformation Life Purpose Coach, let’s face the (F)ACTS together – the following sessions are designed to ignite your life vision, create a plan of action through the (F)ACTS of Life model, guiding you to discover the missing pieces, map out a blueprint for your next steps and empower you to step into your life purpose and shine.

Once booked, please Call Brenda at (505) 331-9095 for your appointment

Investment 1

2 Sessions

divine blueprint coaching program by Brenda Bentley Coaching
Divine Blueprint– Find the Missing Pieces
(2 Sessions + Texts + Email Support)
$ 240

Investment 2

6 Sessions

clarify your purpose with Brenda Bentley Coaching
Assemble the Pieces – (F)ACTS
(6 sessions + text + email support)
Face Your Fears – Freedom to find the missing pieces
Assess & Align with Core Values
Clarify your strengths & Communicate them with confidence
Transition and Transform
Shift into the New You & know your place in this New World
$ 600

Investment 3

12 Sessions

a brand new me with Brenda Bentley transitional life coach
Design your New Life
(12 Sessions + Text + Email support)
Build a Blueprint for your Next Steps (Strategize)
Frame the new Foundation (Visualize)
Step into your New Career or Way of Life (Take Action)
$ 1200

Career Coaching offers practical tools to help you determine your career goals and direction, compile a professional summary, targeted resume, and LinkedIn profile so can strategize, clarify, expand your circles of influence and successfully step into your Career/Life Path and become self-sustaining.

Once booked, please Call Brenda at (505) 331-9095 for your appointment

Investment 4

One Session

career goals, strategy, steps to success
One-hour consultation includes an overview of your Career Goals, Current Strategy, and Next Steps with your Career Coach
(1 session + Texts + Email Support)
$ 240

Investment 5

3 Sessions

the a,b,cs of career coaching
The A, B, C’s of Career Coaching
Professional Introduction, Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile
(3 sessions + text + email support)
$ 600

Investment 6

6 Sessions

Brenda Bentley coaching - smart career goals
The Basics PLUS…Values Clarification/SMART Goals/Assessments AND Targeted Strategies to Identify your Career/Life Purpose.

(6 Sessions + Text + Email support)

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

Hi, I'm Brenda and I'd love to offer you a complimentary coaching session so you can experience first hand what my coaching sessions are all about. The benefit to you is an opportunity for you to discover whether my coaching style appeals to you and if we are a match. I can't wait to meet you. Let's get started!